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Welcome to Citylink Virtual Airlines

This Virtual Airline is called Citylink VA (CLV), our headquarters is located at Maastricht Aachen Airport in the south of The Netherlands
Our goal is to make this VA as real as possible but has to stay fun for everybody since we are all people behind a computer and not in a real plane.
It is our intension to offer flights, other Virtual Airlines are not offering. We try to enclose more difficult schedules, like the Wadden Islands, or the approach into Reggio Calabria. It is also our intension to offer more starting points, called hubs next to Rotterdam, Liverpool and Bergen. We are working to develop a hub in Italy, Spain and Switzerland.


Our Fleet
This Virtual Airline consists of 4 fleets.
Our Express fleet consist of several leased Twinotters (DHC 6-300), privately owned Cessna Skywagon (C207) and Cessna Caravan (C208), whilst our Continental fleet has  2  PC12, a hand full of Dash Q400.
In the international fleet is devided in a passenger and cargo part. In the passenger part is the Avrojet RJ 100 our pride. We have signed a lease contract to add the smaller RJ85 and RJ70 to the fleet
2 Privatly owned BAE 146-300QT and 2 leased B757-200 carry around cargo .
The Vintage Group is using Fokker 50 and DC3 for their historic schedules. We are planning to introduce the 70 and 100 in to the Vintage group as well.
For our charter clients we do have Cessna Caravan, Beech King Air, Fokker 50 and one RJ70 available.

Make your choice

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Active departures

Pilot Flight Departure Arrival Flight Time Tail
Rob Bindels CLF427 ENDU ENTC 1.15h D-ICLK
Rob Bindels CLF425 ENNK ENAN 1h D-ICLK

Latest arrivals

Pilot Flight Departure Arrival Flight Time Distance
David Keff ENVA ENBO 01.11.59 245
David Keff CLVG0002 ENBR ENVA 01.23.03 249
Rob Bindels CLF442 ENAT ENTC 00.58.17 94
Rob Bindels CLF441 ENSS ENAT 01.37.49 158
Rob Bindels CLF440 ENAT ENSS 01.44.09 158
Rob Bindels CLF439 ENMH ENAT 01.14.06 109
Rob Bindels CLF438 ENBV ENMH 00.50.25 26
Rob Bindels CLF437 ENAT ENBV 01.15.55 126
Rob Bindels CLF436 ENNA ENAT 00.49.23 33

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On - 03/02/2013