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New Acars versions

The issues
After the upgrade of the software on our website, which took way longer then planned, it appeared that there where a few issues with the Tourcenter.
A few where caused by the upgrade itself, where the field definition of the key was changed, into, that a key was not unique anymore, and a couple of other issues.
Theses issues where solved.
Yet one issue kept bugging the tourcenter. You could pick up the bids, but ACARS itself messed around in the Schedulenumbers. And making it impossible for the Toursystem to note a flight as being done.
I, Manuel the creator of the Toursystem and Jeffrey the creator of ACARS set down and found at first nothing, until I flew a few rounds and used Manuel his ACARS Tool. And the tour was registed.
I had compared the database entries of both ACARS. I did find anomolies and showed them to both developers. It was clear that ACARS messed something up on our site.

Jeffrey was able to fix the issues after a couple of updates, resulting in a lot of tests from my site.
Version was born for the LITE and FULL.

Addons for ACARS LITE and FULL.
I had requested an addition, after fixing the items.
The addition is that whenever somebody shows up in ACARS or types a chat, all connected pilots hear a chime/sound.
This resulted in ACARS for both. But also created a new issue with the Tour. This was fixed in version
I also had requested an addition for the Full only: Recovery in  case of a crash of FSX or ACARS.

Crash recovery ACARS function

A load flight function has been added in the full ACARS version
Every 15 minutes after start of ACARS will a file be saved which can be used for loading a flight, or continueing a flight.
You can change the time, or save manually.
This function was developed as there is nothing more annoying then crashing when you have your destination in sight, or  after 1 hour of flight.

Crash recovery FSX

In case FSX crashes you can restart FSX and use the "Load Flight function" of FSX.
Or use the crash recovery procedure for a crashed ACARS.

Crash recovery ACARS
In case ACARS crashes, or you wish to restart FSX using the ACARS, reset/restart FSX, and place the plane at the start location. Pull the handbrake.
Start ACARS, login and connect to FS.
Then click LOAD Flight (left of PIREP DATA) and select the XML file. And you are good to go.

Download ACARS
In case you have bought the ACARS LITE or FULL through the Premium Miles shop you can go to the Premium Miles Shop, Click on My Purchases.
Scroll down until you reach the ACARS tools.
You will see a Downloadbutton, if you click on View Details. Download it and install it.
If you have not bought the older ACARS version through the Premium Miles shop, and are sure you had bought it in the previous shop, please notify the staff.

We would like every pilot to be on the same page and to prevent Tour-issues, and urge to install at least LITE.
In case you would like the Crash recovery function, you need a few Prmium miles more, but it is worth the virtual money.

Posted By: Rob Bindels (2017-05-25 02:02:31)


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