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Farewell and Welcome to Narvik

The staff was some time ago, checking airports etc. And during that operation we saw that Narvik Framnes is closing down this year.
Citylink-VA is a so called fantasy virtual airline, but we also follow real world stuff. Like closure of airports or airplane that are not allowed.

This means we have to leave Narvik Framnes. A nice airport in north Norway. We have been doing some test work in the neighberhood to find a new one.
We come up with Harstad/Narvik.

Harstad/Narvik is a public airport, build on a militairy airport (Evenes), just acros the bay.
The arrivals and takeoffs are not so spectaculair as on Narvik Framnes, but pretty nice too.

In case you still have to do the Narvik routes, and would like to, we would say:"do them while they last". Citylink-VA will close Narvik Framnes by the end of the year.
And starting 2018, we will reschedule all schedules one by one to Harstad/Narvik. We are also thinking of changing the schedule a bit.
In that most smaller airports are being visited by the Cessna C207, and the bigger ones with the Caravan. The main route, Tromo-Narvik-Bodo will be flown with a Twinotter.


Staff of Citylink-va


You can discuss this article here: http://www.citylink-va.com/index.php/AdvancedNews/article/107

Posted By: Rob Bindels (2017-10-30 19:08:38)


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