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On request of Santaclaus

Santaclaus is panicking. He lost all of his reindeer.
These reindeer seem to roam around in all Sápmi (Former known as Lapland), during the last summer and have not returned yet.
And Santa needs them to pull the sleigh.


Santaclaus has placed advertisments in all Sápmi in order to find out where the reindeers have been located.
The situation is that there is a rough location about where they could be.

Because Citylink-va has done a couple of jobs for Santaclaus to his satisfaction, Santa is asking us to help him. (He probably has heard that we have stationed a few Twinotters and Caravans in the north.)
He asks us to spot the animals, from the plane, and bring out report in Rovaniemi. Then fly back to the base of the plane.

The staff of Citylink has created 3 routes to find the deer because of the extended area. All 3 three together will lead to finding all the lost deer.
Every route also leads to an award.

Every pilot with the rank of Student or higher is entitled to fly a route.
The staff decides who gets which of the 3 routes.
We will mention the legs one by one to the pilots. And also tell them what to expect. So expect some kind of a quest.

For your information, every route has 7 legs, including the return trips from Rovaniemi.
In case you want to do more then 1 route? Well you can allways ask.

Leg 1
Pilot X: fly the twinotter from Bodo to Narvik. According to locals who have been looking allready have declared that the reindeer have moved away. Just spot for the reindeer in case they have returned.  (This text means you will not see a reindeer)
Leg 2
could be: Fly from Narvik to Tromso with the Twinotter.  Locals have said that 2 reindeer are still in the vicinity.
Find them and write it in Acars. Eventually make a screenshot of the spot and upload it to the website. (This text means you find 2 reindeer)


Time Period
Half november until december 24.
In case you do more then 1 route will we accept them until  januari 6 2017.

We get a bonus from Santa!
If at least 3 pilots signup and find the deer between november 15 and december 24, will the bonus be a triple time for the first tour.
So one hour of flight will be counted as 3.
When only 2 pilots signup the bonus will be a double time.
A second or third tour will be awarded with double hours only.
In case you cannot finish your first tour at or before december 24, you are entitled to finish it of, until januari 6. The bonus will be double hours in any case.


Filing the route
In Acars, make sure that you check the charter option and pick one of the Twinotters.
The flightnumber is your pilotnumber, extended with the number of the route.

Please place them below.

Please, place your name below this post if you want to take place in the search.
We hope you have fun with the tours.


Staff of Citylink

Posted By: Rob Bindels (2016-11-04 22:41:54)


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Taking part. 2016-11-04 22:52:15 Rob Bindels
Taking part 2016-11-05 09:59:16 David Keff
Taking Part 2016-11-05 15:42:31
Taking part 2016-11-08 20:25:44 John Jansen
I want a leg too 2016-11-14 18:49:52 Erik Profijt
Trip 1: Rob, John Trip 2: David, Erik Trip 3: Kevin 2016-11-14 19:14:38 Rob Bindels
When can we start with the trip? 2016-11-16 12:31:48 Erik Profijt
I was very busy yesterday migrating the site to a newer software version.

Anyway, the first tasks have been given out.

2016-11-16 16:38:11 Rob Bindels
Kevin: Done.
John: Done.
Awards are in the make.
2016-11-28 12:13:24 Rob Bindels