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Status upgr PHPVMS 231220


I have made some substantial progress.
Especially after I had decided to  do a complete new installation of the PHPVMS 5.5 framework.
And added over 2 evenings all data and modules.
So far it seems to work.

There is on small admin quirk, but we can work around it, without any consequences.
Pilotwise everything works pretty good. So I am giving the site free.
There are 2 issues related to Acars.
The chat does not work and it does not send the positions to the website.
These 2 Acars issues do not have any concequence for you flying, picking a flight or sending the PIREP.
I have send a message to the builder of the Acars app. He is on vacation, and will not react to any e-mails until half of januari.
Accept for these 2 functionalities, is Acars working good.


As a result of you not being able to fly whenever you want, will I lengthen the Christmas /Santa tours until half of januari.




Rob Bindels

Posted By: Rob Bindels (2016-12-23 11:02:18)


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