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Plans for this year

Dear pilots,


We would like to thank all you pilots for your time and effort to fly the routes of CityLink VA. Some pilots have left us this year, due to inactivity. We are recruiting, but it has no priority right now, we rather have a small bunch of active pilots than a large bunch of inactive ones.

Rob has done amazing work on the website, it looks good and almost every feature we had before is working again. We can comment on news again, the chat function in Acars is working again, the route page is corrected. The Premium Miles feature is a nice addition, including a shop to spend your points. And the newest feature is also an old one…we have a rental shop where you can spend your money on a plane to rent. With that plane you can make a flight from your airport of choice to a destination of your choice. Use the Charter function in Acars and you have absolute freedom!

This year we don’t plan any major extensions of our hub network, Rob and I have a busy year ahead of us in real life and we think there are enough hubs and routes to choose from at this moment. That doesn’t mean we don’t do nothing at all. We will spend our precious time on finetuning the route network.

The Q400 flights from Rotterdam will integrated in the network of Maastricht. That means the Q400 will also be stationed at Maastricht. Rotterdam will handle the Fokker 50 flights, which will be completed with vintage KLM Cityhopper flights. The Twin Otter stays at Rotterdam. With the Q400 gone, there is space on the platform for a RJ-85. The plane was waiting patiently in a hangar to be revealed, and now is the time. There will be a timetable for the RJ-85 in the near future, so stay tuned.

 There will be some more finetuning. We have decided to move the cargo fleet back to Liege. We have had an offer we couldn´t resist, our very own platform at a good price. The airport wants to see new faces apart from TNT, so we jumped in. Liege is located near Maastricht and is almost solely a cargo airport, which makes handling a cargoplane more efficient and cheaper. Our firm has a good history with Liege and there is a descent scenery for a good price to buy at Simmarket. So in time the flights of the BAE 146-300 and the B757-200 will be phased out from Cologne and merged into Liege. Cologne will become a destination for our passengers division.

 Maybe later this year we will take a look at our hub Bremen to see if we can improve the routes and planes there.

 As always is your feedback as a pilot from CityLink highly appeciated. You can always email us with ideas, thoughts and tips about our company and how we can make it more fun for all of us.


With warm greetings,


Rob Bindels, David Keff and John Jansen
Team Citylink

Posted By: Rob Bindels (2017-02-05 21:41:40)


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