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We are different
We choose airports because they aren't the biggest and busiest airports around.
We didn't like the idea of operating from an airport like Amsterdam or Frankfurt just because everyone does that. This idea also flows into our route and aircraft system. We operate routes to places where the most major VAs don't fly and we use airplanes that are not commonly used by every airline on the net. We use not every plane that can be found on this planet. We did choose a select but fine  fleet. As we want it as real as it gets, we did choose our aircraft from groups that make realistic planes. Our main goal is to make this a VA which is fun for everybody but with a slice of realism in between though. The pilots will have to decide how large this slice will be. We give you the starting point and regulations..

I do not know what the future brings. Maybe a new hub in New Zealand. Who can say?
Anycase, we are working hard to get things done. A forum has been created, and we are working hard to build a backoffice.


Rob Bindels, President and founder of CityLink