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Rules and Regulations

Citylink Virtual Airliner Rules and Regulations.


This is the area for rules and regulations.
Rules and Regulations tell you all about our rules.


1. When picking a flight to fly, pilots can choose between several aircraft to fly the route (mostly two models). When you've just started you're only allowed to fly CAT1 which means that you have to fly a Cat1 flight and use a Cat1 plane [Twinotter 300].  When you have earned more hours, other CAT planes become available to.
2. Filing a Pirep means that you write a flight report regarding your last flight(s) This way we are able to calculate your total amount of flighthours and update them on the Pilot's logbook. You can only pirep the routes that are listed in the timetable. If CityLink VA has a special event like a groupflight, aid-trips or holiday routes you're allowed to file those hours as well. This pirep system affects all routes (lines-service, Cargo and Charter flights.)

Flying online with organizations like Vatsim or Ivao is highly encouraged. This way one can push the realism level to an even higher level. We do have some regulations for flying online. Pilots should use the online callsign CLV (voice callsign 'MOSA'.) When flying online pilots should use the flights' specific flightnumber which can be found on the timetable. An online callsign would look something like: CLV1114.


1. We won't tolerate any obscene, crewel or foul behavior against anyone. Failing in following these rules will result in a full suspension from CityLink VA. Nor will we tolerate any racism against other people. This will also result in a full suspension from the VA. We have a mailinglist on which one can write whatever he wants as long as it stays between the guidelines as written above.

2. Pilots who fly for CityLink VA should fly at least once a month. If you can't for some reason please drop us a line with a short explanation. If we don't hear from you after a month your name will appear on our Not Active list. If we haven't heard from you a month after that you will be removed from the list and so from CityLink VA . We had to take this measure because a lot of pilots sign up but never fly. The above doesn't mean that you can't take a break at all, we just ask you to tell us so we can take it into account.


What do you need to fly here?

Must have
A flight simulator.
the advice is FSX. But if you still have FS2004, or XPlane, or Prepar3d, you are welcome as well.
We will provide paint schemes for the FSX, but they could be used for Prepar3d as well. In the other cases we expect you to use the same planes as we intended to.
On the otherhand, will Citylink try to use planes that are available on the other platforms as well

Should have
FSUIPC. You need this in order to communicate with Kacars, or for online flying. There is a free version and a paid version with extra tools in it.
Teamspeak 3. Take care of the correct version

Nice to have

Scenery of the Netherlands. NL2000. This is for free, but needs a good pc.
Carenado Cessna Caravan
ASN Active Sky Next for good weather handling


Helping Hand:

This section mostly consists of links which are useful when you are new to the VA world. For more info on online flying can go to:
http://www.vatsim.net/ (also has a good training department)
http://www.dutchvacc.com/ (Dutch department of Vatsim)
(Belgium/Luxembourgian department of VATSIM)
http://www.vacc-sag.org/ (German department of VATSIM)
http:www.eddl.de (Duesseldorf fir of VATSIM)


Sincerely Rob Bindels founder