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Do you want to know what it is all about, or do you need help or extra info? We hope we can explain all your questions here.
If this page does not help you any further, you can always sent us a question via the contact page.

What is this all about?

Virtual Airline

When you have landed here, knowing what a virtual airline is, you can pass this part and jump to Citylink Virtual Airline, but if you land here by accident and wonder what an virtual airline or in short VA is we might lighten you a bit in this chapter.

A virtual airline is an airline like a real one, but then mimicking it on a flightsimulator platform.
A real airline company has planes, flying from a to b and is transporting people and/or goods. They have a website, wich is build for the passengers, to find their routes easy.
Pilots get their ranking because of their hours and capabilities.

A virtual airline company is build around a flightsim program, like Microsoft Flightsimulator, or X-Plane or Prepar3d. They use airplanes especially build for the flightsimulator.
These planes are handpicked be the staff and probably painted to make ik a look a like from the real world. VA's have also a website, but that one is build to suit the virtual pilots.
A virtual pilot can pick the desired route from a list of schedules. Pilots get their ranking based on the flown hours.

There are 2 kinds of VA's.

  1. Those who mimic a real airline. They use the same planes and the same schedules
  2. Fantasy va's. Where fantasy does not stand for you can do what you want, the name is fantasy and they mostly try to build realistic routes
    Some fantasy va's more resamble a junkyard, if you look at their types and models of planes. Some have litterally every thing that can fly

Citylink Virtual Airline

Citylink Virtual Airline is a so called fantasy va. We have a fantasy name and we have schedules that could be possible.
We are more or the less in a niche market.

We are differtent then the most va's. Even different then the fantasy ones. How different are we?
Most va's fly one big plane, from one big airport to another big airport. With big plane we mean B737/A320 or B747/A380. With big airport we mean, London, Amsterdam, Newark, Frankfurt San Fransisco.

So where are we different then?

Our most important planes are the Fokker 50 and BAE whisperjets. Accompanied by a reasonable fleet of Twinotters.
Our main hubs are Maastricht, Rotterdam, Liverpool.
We fly the Twinotters on thin routes, to airports that a lot have never heard of, and cannot manage a B737, let stand bigger, or we land on islands, on a mountainstrip.

If you think you are a big boy, when you lfly and land a A380, just try a Twinotter, land in stiff winds and mist on an island in the Waddensea (Northsea), or in a valley in the alps.
We also offer trips with the Pilatus PC12. And in time we offer B757 trips. Where the B757 is more mainstream, like all the others, yet not really widely used by others. But the core is located on the Fokkers and RJ.
And we are no junkyard va, as we have limited our fleet to a nearly bare minimum.

You basically rank up via passenger flights. By the time you reach the rank of Second Officer, you can change to the Cargo line. Via this line you can fly on jets on a lower rank than the passenger line.
You can also start to fly business people around via the PC12.

And as we are an fantasy va, we can add schedules on special requests.
We also have a small staff, where one staffmember really knows what the other is doing.
If you need help we help, no questions asked.

Who is this virtual airline for?

  • Everybody who is looking for an easy going va.
    And with easy going we mean:
    • You are the captain of the plane not the staff.
    • You decide how you fly (vfr, ifr or how you do your vfr)
    • You decide how you pirep (manual, freeware acars, citylink acars)
    • You decide when and what you fly (given the category you may fly)
    • You decide when you need more help
    • The staff offers help, and might ask a question about the flight done, just in order to help you
  • Especially if you are looking for a virtual airline that is offering a lot of flights for turbo props.
    And yes we have a lot for the Twinotter and Fokker 50.
  • Everybody who likes to fly the Twinotter
    We promote the Aerosoft Twinotter Extended
  • Everybody who likes to fly the Fokker 50
  • Everybody who likes to fly in general, but is not a specific fan of certain planes, or does not want long trips to do
    (please do not think we only have short trips...)


Information package

We have a welcoming package, for all new pilots.
This package consist of 5 items

  1. Welcoming letter
  2. General jobdescription
  3. Pilot jobdescription
  4. Latest newsletter
  5. A copy of the pilot handbook

The pilot handbook describes everything about the va. Where you can find all the information like ranks, awards staff, and is also a manual for PIREPS, ACARS tools and a shop.